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Book cheapest flight tickets to the Pelly Bay Airport at Kugaaruk, Nunavut in Canada. Enjoy a comfortable, hassle-free journey by flying with the best carriers. Just fill in the details of your flying dates and we will get you booked. Tripbeam offers easy and quick air-ticket booking facilities for India-Canada (and vice-versa) flights. With us you can get cheap flight tickets to fly to any part of Canada. Choose your boarding as well as landing destination at your convenience, and our travel experts will search for you the best available travel deals.

At Tripbeam, a team of professionals work very hard to fetch the best value-for-money deals across different airlines. They research the market trends in depth to get you the most reasonably priced air-tickets. They are also trained to accommodate the customer’s special needs and demands, while finding the best offerings for them. In a bid to better our dealings, we are always happy to hear from your directly. Communicate to us all your requirements, doubts and suggestions via direct phone call. Dial 1-888-536-1436. You can also ping us at our live-chat box.


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