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Collection of User Information


Tripbeam team is extremely dedicated towards our customer’s Privacy needs. All our customers can rely on us for sharing their personal data. We keep all the data safe and secure from the intruders. Customer’s information is only used for professional purposes like billing, tickets booking etc. The information is not shared with every other person unless it’s for official purpose. Our team does not believe in the unethical usage of customer’s information.

Utilization of User Information


All the customer’s information is only used to boost up our services that are offered to our customers. Only third parties that are allowed to view personal data of customers are those that are linked with the services that we provide to our customers. Sharing of any kind of personal information is not processed, till it is not permissible to us by Law.

User’s approval to Utilize Personal Details


Movement of personal data is done in order to maintain records. All our customers agree to all Tripbeam’s privacy policies. Data is also relocated from one state to another and vice versa, to preserve internet maintenance records

Information Security


Security measures are precisely taken into consideration while securing information of the customers. Electronic, administrative and physical security methods are adopted in order to secure information. To prevent unauthorized access to client’s personal data, preventive measures are adopted like secure gateway for money transactions and various encryption techniques are used to protect customer’s information from hackers or intruders. Customer’s personal information is only shared with the people involved in the whole tickets booking process.

Online Collection of Non-Personally-Identifiable Information


We rely on latest technologies that help us to get Non personally Identifiable information out. Take a look:

Cookies: Cookies are temporary information storage that identifies a person’s visit on the website. Tripbeam use these cookies to collect information and to track a person’s visit on the site. Cookies are such small pieces of information that are stored on the visitor’s device. An option to change the settings is available, if the user does not want to get tracked by the websites.

Pixel Tags : Pixel tags track a user’s information, whenever he/she visits the site. These Pixel tags are known as clear GIFs. These are those code blocks on a webpage that let websites places cookies.

E-Mail Notifications & Newsletters


Contact us at .Share all your contact details with us, to get all your queries answered by our experts. Name, Email Id and contact number is must as it makes easier for us to entertain your queries.

Third Party Associations & Links


We are responsible for for the information shared on the site only. Any Third Party who is collecting any information on our behalf is not our responsibility. If these parties use any user’s personal information, we will not be held responsible for that. We can not control these kind of activities from such parties as our website has links to some parties.

Subject to Change


Privacy Policy can be amended without your notice. We have the the full right and authority to change the Privacy Policies. You must keep yourself updated with all the changes that are being done. Always keep in touch and be very aware of what all is happening on the website.


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